Removable temporary teeth protect implants, mimic natural teeth, and aid in healing during dental implant process.

What Are Temporary Teeth?

Temporary teeth, also referred to as provisional temporaries, play a crucial role in the dental implant process. After implant surgery, while waiting for the final crowns to be fabricated, temporary teeth are placed on the implants to provide aesthetics and function.

These removable temporaries mimic the appearance and shape of natural teeth, allowing patients to chew, speak, and smile comfortably during the healing period. Temporary teeth also help maintain proper tooth alignment and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.

Dentists carefully design and adjust these temporary restorations to ensure a secure fit and patient satisfaction. Proper care and oral hygiene are essential during this phase to preserve the integrity of the implants and promote successful osseointegration.

Once the custom-made crowns are ready, the removable temporary teeth are replaced with the permanent restorations, providing patients with a seamless and long-lasting solution that restores their smile and oral function.

Anatomy Of

Dental Implants



Dental implants are titanium posts surgically placed into the jawbone, serving as artificial tooth roots. These biocompatible implants fuse with the bone over time through a process called osseointegration, providing a stable and secure foundation for prosthetic teeth. The placement of dental implants involves a meticulous procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. Following the healing period, custom-designed dental crowns, bridges, or dentures are attached to the implants, seamlessly restoring your smile's aesthetics and functionality.