(Brazilian Butt Lift)

Why Would You Prefer Brazilian Butt Lift?

Thanks to BBL, you will have raised and tight hips. This image gives your body the energy of youth and vitality.

BBL gives a more natural appearance than silicone hip implants, and the risk of infection is much lower. It also provides a better shaping. The best benefit of BBL is that the effect of the surgery can last for many years. The fat cells obtained by liposuction will not be seen again in the operated area, and the fat cells transferred to the hip will remain for years.

Results will be finalized within six months after the swelling has disappeared and patients have recovered. During this time, curvier hips and improved lower body proportions will be reflected in how you look. Thanks to BBL, not only your buttocks are shaped; With liposuction, excess fat from other areas is removed, thus creating a shaped body.